German B2-C1 E-Learning Workshop: Text, image and sound – 1900 until today


You want to improve your language skills and are interested in literature, cinema and music

E-Learning classes are aimed at people who have access to IT material connected to the internet and that they can use without difficulty. Good word-processing skills as well as being familiar with and willing to use apps and online platforms are prerequisites in order to be able to follow one of these courses.


Reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Group work, pair work and work in the class plenum.


  • Get to know well-known and less well-known writers from different periods of German literature
  • Get acquainted with different films and songs from the respective period, which are dealt with in the literature
  • Understand, analyse and interpret literary texts
  • Increase communicative proficiency


An Online Learning course (1 100-minute online video class a week)

- There will be one weekly 100-minute online session a week.
- Email or chat communication with the teacher will be possible at set times.
- Exchanges with other students from the group will also be encouraged.

– based on a syllabus and a scheme of work


  • Real-world texts of different literary genres
  • Multimedia material

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Course offer German B2-C1 E-Learning Workshop: Text, image and sound – 1900 until today

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INL Glacis 17:15-18:55 We 17:15-18:55 We 2021-02-24T16:15:00 2021-07-07T16:55:00 110.0 DE0039-770 Registration closed