French B1-B2 PHON Phonetic Remediation Workshop


You have achieved a spoken B1.1 level minimum and wish to remedy phonetic difficulties.

You have access to IT material connected to the internet and you can use it without difficulty. Habit and / or willingness to use online learning and video conferencing platforms (Moodle, Teams, Zoom ...) are necessary to take some courses.


Listening and speaking


Assuming regular attendance and independent study, you should be able to do the following in writing and in speech by the end of this course:

• Better understand how spoken language works

• Be better understood

• Pronounce better

• Be more comfortable speaking.


Group work, pair work and work in the class plenum


Some classes take place face to face.

Some courses offer distance lessons by videoconference on the day and schedule of face-to-face lessons.

  • The student will have to devote to autonomous learning, using the material provided by the teacher.
  • Email or chat communication with the teacher will be possible at set times.
  • Exchanges with other students from the group will also be encouraged.


Up-to-date methods corresponding to the B1 and B2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


A workshop is not subject to assessments and therefore does not give the right to a skills assessment.

Your recommended levels in Luxembourgish:

Course offer French B1-B2 PHON Phonetic Remediation Workshop

Location Schedule Hours Days Start date End date Fee Reference
INL Glacis 12:10-13:50 Fr 12:10-13:50 Fr 2021-02-26T11:10:00 2021-07-09T11:50:00 110.0 FR0040-965 Registration closed