German B2-C1 Workshop: Writing

Target audience:

You have at least achieved a B1.3 level of German and want to improve your writing skills.

Skills taught:

Reading, writing, listening and speaking, focussing on writing skills


Group work, pair work and work in the class plenum.

Learning outcomes:

Assuming regular attendance and independent study, you should be able to do the following by the end of this course:

  • Understand a wide range of broadcast material, participate in discussions and debates with relative ease and write personal opinions
  • Formal and informal writing

Course type

A special course focussing on writing skills

Course Materials:

Up-to-date material in relation to German as a foreign language, corresponding to the levels B2-C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Your recommended levels in Dutch:

Course offer German B2-C1 Workshop: Writing

Location Schedule Hours Days Start date End date Fee Reference
INL Glacis 12:10-13:50 Mo 12:10-13:50 Mo 2021-03-01T11:10:00 2021-07-05T11:50:00 110.0 DE0014-758 Registration closed