Anyone with level A1 wishing to progress in learning Luxembourgish

Blended Learning hybrid courses are intended for people with access to the appropriate technology (ideally a PC or laptop), a good internet connection, and who have a reasonable level of computer skills in, for example, word processing and other relevant applications (such as Office, e-mail, etc.), as well as familiarity with, and inclination to use such applications. The ability to use Cloud storage and online sharing platforms is also necessary to take these courses.


Listening comprehension and speaking

Written production and comprehension


At the end of this course, and depending on your individual work, you should be able, in both written and spoken form, to:

• exchange information on topics of daily life: introduce yourself and those around you, talk about your activities, your health, and your environment (housing, leisure, shops, travel, holidays, etc.)

• describe and compare places (city, neighborhood, home, etc.), people, objects

• ask for and give advice and directions.


Interactive exchanges in the course are carried out in small groups and by the whole class.


• Twice a week, a 100-minute face-to-face or distance course is offered simultaneously at the times and days defined. Learners choose the format (face-to-face or remotely) that suits them for each session, except 4 times in the semester, when all learners are face-to-face on dates provided at the start of the semester. Equipment present in the classroom allows the session to be broadcast on the internet via the Teams or Moodle platforms.

• Once a week, for 100 minutes of work, educational resources are made available by the teacher on a learning platform (Teams or Moodle). This work is done asynchronously.

• The course is based on a scheme of work.

• The course involves evaluations and entitles the learner to a skills assessment certificate.
Rules for an online course


Recent method corresponding to level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

Title: Schwätzt Dir Lëtzebuergesch? Level A2

Authors: Angie Gaasch, Jennifer Kaell, Jackie Messerich

Publisher: SCIE / CTIE - Center for State Information Technologies, Leudelange

ISBN Code: 978-99959-40-04-1


Learners are assessed via a system of continuous assessment throughout the course, and a speaking test at the end of the semester. A skills assessment certificate provides information on the level of learning achieved.

Your recommended levels in Luxembourgish :

Course offer Luxembourgish A2.1 BLENDED LEARNING HYBRID STANDARD

Location Schedule Hours Days Start Date End Date Start date End date Fee Reference
INLL Glacis 12:10-13:50 Tu-Fr
12:10-13:50 Tu-Fr 2024-02-20 12:10:00 2024-07-05 13:50:00 280.0 LB0060-4305 Sold out
INLL Glacis 14:10-15:50 Tu-Fr
14:10-15:50 Tu-Fr 2024-02-20 14:10:00 2024-07-05 15:50:00 280.0 LB0060-4325 Sold out