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I. Create an account on MyINL.

II. Go to My levels and choose a language.

III. Receive a recommended level, which you can use to register online for a course.

IV. Register for a course.
Online enrolment will start on
12 September 2022.

Your recommended levels in English:

Course catalog

Level Category Course type
C1.1 Advanced Standard View
B1.3 Intermediate Standard View
B1.1 Intermediate Standard View
B2.3 Intermediate Standard View
C1 Advanced Workshop: Conversation View
A2.1 Beginner Standard View
A1 Beginner Compact View
A2.1 Beginner Compact View
B1.2 Intermediate Standard View
C1.2 Advanced Standard View
A2.2 Beginner Compact View
A1 Beginner Standard View
B2 Specific Blended Learning Specific: Cambridge First Preparation Course View
B2.2 Intermediate Standard View
C1 Advanced Workshop: Media View
A2.2 Beginner Blended Learning Standard View
B2.1 Intermediate Standard View
B2 Intermediate Workshop: Conversation View
B2 Specific E-Learning Specific: IELTS Preparation Course View
A1 Beginner Blended learning standard View
B1.3 Intermediate Blended learning standard View
B2.2 Intermediate Specific: Business 1 View
B2.3 Intermediate Specific: Business 2 View
C1.1 Advanced Blended learning standard View
B2 Intermediate Workshop: Pop Culture View
B2.3 Intermediate Blended Learning Specific: Business 2 View
B2.1 Intermediate Standard Blended Learning View