I. Create an account on MyINL.

II. Go to My levels and choose a language.

III. Receive a recommended level, which you can use to register online for a course.

IV. Register for a course.
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13 September 2021.

Your recommended levels in Italian:

Course catalog

Level Category Course type
B1.2 Intermediate STANDARD View
B2.1 Intermediate STANDARD View
B2.3 Intermediate STANDARD View
A2.2 Beginner STANDARD View
C1.2 Advanced Atelier : Conversazione View
A1 Beginner STANDARD View
B2.2 Intermediate STANDARD View
C1.1 Advanced Standard View
C2.2 Advanced Atelier : Cultura e civiltà italiana View
B1.1 Intermediate STANDARD View
A2.1 Beginner STANDARD View
B1.1 Intermediate E-learning standard View
B1.2 Intermediate E-learning standard View
B2.1 Intermediate E-learning standard View
B2.3 Intermediate E-learning standard View
A2.1 Beginner E-learning standard View
A2.2 Beginner E-learning standard View
C1.2 Advanced E-learning atelier : Conversazione View
A1 Beginner E-learning standard View