English B2.2 Standard


You have completed a B2.1 course or equivalent and wish to further improve your English on the upper-intermediate level.


Reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Group work, pair work and work in the class plenum.


Assuming regular attendance and independent study, you should be able to do the following by the end of this course:

  • Understand quite complex ideas and attitudes in some depth and detail
  • Write essays, reports, forum posts etc. expressing thoughts and opinions coherently and in some detail
  • Participate actively in discussions, expressing thoughts and opinions fluently and coherently


A standard course (2 100-minute classes a week)

– based on a syllabus and a scheme of work

– all learners are assessed and will be issued a certificate outlining their skills level at the end of the course


Up-to-date and engaging textbooks and teaching methods based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages 

Real-world materials


Learners will be assessed continuously throughout the semester. At the end of the semester, they will receive a certificate outlining their level in the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

Your recommended levels in Italian:

Course offer English B2.2 Standard

Location Schedule Hours Days Start date End date Fee Reference
INL Belval 19:00-20:40 Tu-Th 19:00-20:40 Th-Tu 2021-09-28T17:00:00 2022-02-03T19:40:00 200.0 EN0018-1049 Registration closed
INL Glacis 12:10-13:50 Mo-Th 12:10-13:50 Mo-Th 2021-09-27T10:10:00 2022-02-03T12:50:00 200.0 EN0018-1069 Registration closed
INL Glacis 17:15-18:55 Tu-Th 17:15-18:55 Th-Tu 2021-09-28T15:15:00 2022-02-03T17:55:00 200.0 EN0018-1085 Registration closed
INL Glacis 19:00-20:40 Tu-Th 19:00-20:40 Th-Tu 2021-09-28T17:00:00 2022-02-03T19:40:00 200.0 EN0018-1090 Registration closed