Luxembourgish C1 WORKSHOP


Non-Luxembourgish and native learners

Proficiency in spoken and written Luxembourgish confirmed at level B2/C1 (according to the CEFR) or native speaker

No prior cultural or literary knowledge required


Listening and speaking

Reading and writing


By the end of this course, and based on your personal work, you should be able (as well as in writing as in speaking) to:

  • understand longer texts of a certain level of difficulty and complexity
  • express yourself in a fairly spontaneous, easy and fluid way
  • use the language in a flexible and efficient way in everyday life, at a professional level as well as at a level of training and studies
  • express yourself in a correct, clear, nuanced and succinct manner in relation to complex subjects using a variety of language means.

You will be able to:

  • follow a debate on TV
  • grasp the content of a journalistic feature article and write a summary
  • act and interact in the context of a discussion or position statement
  • present a topical issue.


Workshop (once a week, 1h40 each course, for one semester)

  • is based on the work schemes drawn up on the basis of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • does not give a right to a certificate outlining the skills level


Historical and topical documents and audio-visual media


Learners are assessed on the basis of an oral presentation and a paper on a specific topic, considering their active participation during the course.

No certificate outlining their skills level will be issued. If official certification is required, the learner can register for the LaF exam (dates and conditions of registration available on our website

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Course offer Luxembourgish C1 WORKSHOP

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