Non-Luxembourgish and native learners

Proficiency in spoken and written Luxembourgish confirmed at level B2/C1 (according to the CEFR) or native speaker

No prior cultural or literary knowledge required


Listening and speaking

Reading and writing


By the end of this course, and depending on your personal work, you should have a broader overview of the different kinds and functions of texts, such as works of fiction, novels, plays, poetry, the haikus, poetry slam, lyrics, rap, drabble, sketch, short stories, fables, thrillers, the writing of oneself (the autobiography for example, the diary), essays and other non-fictional works such as reports, interviews, essays, comments, reports, but also hybrid texts such as docufictions.

You could, for example:

  • Apply writing techniques of various genres, write a text that is effective, meaning that it achieves its objective in terms of target and message
  • Write a short (non) fictional text and convey a personal message
  • Write a review/presentation of a book, a play, a film ...
  • Hold a short conference on a literary, cultural, scientific, current subject...
  • Produce a structured commentary on a topical issue


Discussions in the course are done in small groups and by the whole class. Creative writing techniques can help participants develop their imagination, e.g. overcome the anguish of the blank page ...

The aim of the workshop is to master some basic writing techniques (e.g. grammar, lexicon, spelling, style) such as a better structure of the text, choosing an attractive title, using the right and precise words while emphasizing the simplicity, density and fluidity of the written expression in order to maximize the readability of the text and the comprehension on the part of the reader.

The workshop is based on the principle that writing is not an exclusive gift, but a set of techniques to be mastered.

Outings to the theater or the cinema may be considered from time to time.


The workshop (once a week, 1h40 each course, for one semester):

  • is based on the work schemes drawn up on the basis of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • does not give a right to a certificate outlining the skills level.


Literary, topical, and journalistic texts, commentaries, essays, …

In the literary context, the following two anthologies may be useful:

“Literaresch Welten” (MEN, 2012 ; ISBN : 978-2-87995-084-6)

“Lies de bal” (Éditions Guy Binsfeld / Éditions Saint-Paul, 2014, ISBN : 978-99959-2-000-5 ; in collaboration with MEN) as well as the website:


The workshop is a formative course which presupposes personal or group written work and - where appropriate - an oral presentation.

A skills assessment will not be issued. If there is a need for official certification, the learner can register for the LaF exam (registration dates and conditions available on our website

Your recommended levels in Luxembourgish :

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